‘There is no better time than the present to preserve your past’

Yes, I’m talking about that stash of old family photographs you’ve cherished and been pondering for years…. “I need to do something with them…”. Scanology is the opportunity to consolidate, get them to an archival digital file for preservation/printing before it’s too late. Because the physicality of those photographs will eventually deteriorate.

‘Scanology’ is what I term the act of converting old family photographs and/or documents into digital form for increased accessibility, archiving, print reproduction and personal enjoyment. Why wouldn’t you preserve your lineage for your children, extended family and future generations? If not, for your own artistic purposes? See `about me’ for examples.

Every picture is worth a thousand words and an old photo album has many stories to be told. Ancestral photographs are windows back in time and are bearers of family lore. They help us understand and appreciate where we came from and expand on who we are as a person. Some of the images are of people you may know well, know little of, or perhaps should get to know. It is where we find our place of connectedness. These images may well affect how we live our lives in the present.

My speciality is in family heirloom photographs and documents, of sentimental value i.e black & white, faded colour, sepia toned nature – though not limited to. Long gone are the negatives and they exist in print/paper form only. The work is personal and services are tailored to your needs. Your materials are handled with care and respect. I am happy to do projects of any size. The ‘service & cost’ page has some helpful information. Though, every project is different in all aspects.   It is to best to contact me for further information, questions and/or arrange a conversation to discuss your particular task at hand.